The SSD (Holy Grail) can finally be YOURS !

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Re: The SSD (Holy Grail) can finally be YOURS !

Unread postby parametric » Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:38 pm

Hi EXer,

Yes, those two items look fine. In all likelyhood, the capacity you mention will be fine . . .(32Gb is NEARLY 40Gb), I only went for the

128GB because I could :wink: . . . . and to CONFIRM that the Fusion will only format up to 120Gb (which is TRUE).

In actuality, with all the extra Banks I have from Klaus, Joeri and Steve + the original Demos + all the Songs I have made - I have only used

~9Gb 8O

So unless you are planning a sampling-feste, or wanting to record HOURS of 8-track Audio, then it's not really necessary :roll:

One further thought - perhaps fit the 2 E3 modules? (unless this has already been done). I paid around £150 for my Alesis ones when I first

got my 8HD.

Brian at sector101 has them for around HALF that price . . . (I just bought 2 for my 6HD).

Good luck with the upgrade - and DO let us know how it goes . .



Alesis Fusion 8SSD AND 6SSD - BOTH are 384Mb/120Gb SSD/Akai ADVANCE61/Yamaha MOXF6/1024Mb Flash Ram/Yamaha SY85/8.5mb vol/1024k non-vol/DX21/Roland MT32/Bachmann double overstrung Baby Grand Piano/Win10 Pro/Ubuntu MATE 15.0.4/iBook G4/Mac OS 10.4.6/ProTools 7.4/MBox2/M-Audio 24/96 Sector101 2x SYEMB06 / 4 x EXM-E3 128MB DRAM Module
Oh, and a Roland LAPC1 (MT32-on-a-card) which I can't use anymore - it is a full length 8-bit ISA card ;-)
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Re: The SSD (Holy Grail) can finally be YOURS !

Unread postby EXer » Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:47 pm

Thanks for that kind reply, parametric.

Sector101 EXM-E3 modules are already installed.

An order for a SSD is about to be placed and I shall keep you informed of any future developments.

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