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Unread postby yamahaforlife » Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:10 pm

This applies to all TYROS models

Yamaha in the UK no longer do in house service or repairs or have engineering facilities in house. If your Tyros is under warranty then of course you can call then as normal to arrange having that repaired. I guess that mainly applies now to Tyros 4 and Tyros 4 BLACK the special edition as most other Tyros models are no longer in warranty.

If you have an out of warranty repair then the engineer who was in charge of all those over the last 10 years since early days is available and is Mike tel 07908870199 and works freelance and covers many keyboards and Clavinova models as well as previously having been the resident expert on tyros hardware. For operational support rather than faulty hardware you can still speak to Steve or Dusty at Yamaha direct.

I have heard good reports regarding technical advice also given on repairs see this link if your interested

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Unread postby parametric » Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:13 am

Thankyou so much for that heads-up yamahaforlife,

Though not a Tyros owner, I had some questions about my SY85 regarding feasability of an OS upgrade from 1.1, probably a couple of years ago, and I spoke to Dusty at some length on the subject.

As my call was "out of the blue" - he went away for no more than a minute - and on return had copious details on the 85 and its various OS versions. He has a truly encyclopaedic knowledge, and I applaud the service he gave me that day.

The outcome BTW was that an upgrade though possible was a desoldering/soldering job which he advised against on the grounds of cost. He advised me to seek a systemboard or a spares/repair SY85 with a higher OS on ebay - which I was lucky enough to do, and now have the middle OS (1.2) for £50 - and the spare MB too . . .

It is a relief to hear that "Mike" is going freelance on this, and that, so-long as he continues, we all have a breathing space from the corporate hatchet-men - and have somewhere to go for repairs by someone who "understands" our boards . . . .

Many thanks for letting us know

Best Regards


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