Registrations using disposable email addresses!

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Registrations using disposable email addresses!

Unread postby Saul » Sat Nov 12, 2016 8:25 pm

I have noticed recently a rise in the number of forum registration using disposable email addresses.

For anyone not familiar with such things a disposable email address is a one time use thing that is created for the sole purpose of registering on websites.

Whilst many of the people using these disposable email account are genuine, they are also use by spammers.

Because we have made great efforts to keep the forum spam free over the years I have to say that anyone trying to register with a disposable email account will have their application immediately denied.

We DO NOT share your email address with anyone so there is no reason at all for not using your real email address when joining Yamaha Forums.

I hope people understand why we impose this restriction.

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